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Geodetic Surveying series 

Grating, optical dial and various reticules are widely used in the geodetic surveying field. The geodetic surveying apparatus include total station, electronic theodolite, optical theodolite, laser rangefinder, automatic sight level, various field instruments, and large-scale and high-precision measuring equipment (such as satellite telemeter and aerial surveying apparatus).

We produce various specifications of high-precision reticules and provide related services for each domestic and foreign measuring company, due to the high quality and competitive price, we built a well cooperation with many companies in the world.


Measuring Sight series 

Our products have large coverage, wide variety, complicated figures and exquisite technique. The reticules we produce match the high accuracy sniping rifle telescopic sight, which is superb in numerous gun telescopic sight, they can be used in the daytime and be lighted at night.


Medical Reticule series 

We can process and manufacture the key components for the surgical microscope, hemocytometer, medical microscope, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, diopter inspection apparatus, and visual degree instrumentation, etc. With the powerful photomask-making technology, our products not only have high accuracy, but also have delicate designed figure. They make examination more reasonable, accurate and human.


Telescope Reticule series

We could produce many kinds of reticules from various kinds of reticules of Chinese-style telescope to German-style, American-style, Russian-style, Japanese-style and Czech-style telescopes; including regular flat surface chrome oxide reticule, night lighting etching reticule, transparency field reticule of bright background dark figure and night field reticule of high density dark background bright figure Line width8µm20µm, Line accuracy < ±2μm, Surface defect disease: Ⅰ—Ⅹgrade, Density (D)> 3,Reflectivity( R) < 8%.

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